Escort in the Mountain from 40 € – Ioannina
July 11, 2017
Rafting at Voidomatis from 30 € – Papigo, Ioannina
July 11, 2017

Canyoning from 50 €

A fantastic experience for athletes only!

Sports enthusiasts with our experienced staff will embark on a unique adventure in the amazing environment of Voidomatis and Vikos!


What is Canyoning:

Canyoning is the crossing of the canyons following the course of the waters by overcoming every obstacle by technical means. Like the downhill of a canyon, walking through the water, diving in deep waters and natural slides formed on the rocks and downhill with ropes in waterfalls. Canyoning in Greek is called the crossing of the canyons.

Includes climbing, caving, swimming.

It is a sport where many mountain sports are combined! Tourist canyoning, organized by an experienced canyon driver, is the purpose of the entertainment of the world and the acquaintance with the activity. The gorges offered for this purpose are suitable for all, with a maximum duration of up to 4 hours. They have no particular difficulty, their main feature is fun, such as dives, slides,

Canyoning in Rogovo – Papigo Village – Zagorochoria:

  • Meeting point: Rogovo natural pools – Papigo.
  • Duration: 3 hours.

After our entry into the canyon we walk 30 minutes to reach the 7 meter waterfall. Then we find many other waterfalls. The canyon maintains the water all the year . After 10 minutes of hiking, we return to our starting point.

Canyoning Nefeli – Papigo Village – Zagorohoria:

·       Meeting point: church of St. Blasius in Papigo. After 20 minutes of walking in the forest, we reach the first waterfall, which is 6 meters high. The canyon keeps the water all year round. In the canyon we will find 8 rappel, 3 water slides and a jump into the water. The slides and the jump into the water will delight even the most demanding traveler. In the end, follows a small climb, always under the supervision of the instructors and about 35 minutes walking to our starting point in Papigo.












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